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Webinar for Service Coordinators of the Natural Health Symposium

The Daily Mentor Program
The Daily Mentor Program is the best way to stay on track to build a very successful business. Watch to learn more.

Getting Started Training
This is the NEW and SIMPLE Getting Started Training to use with all your new business builders.

The Empower Plan
Watch this Webinar to learn about the new Empower Plan and how it works.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Learn how to present the Medicine Cabinet Makeover. This presentation is a revamp of Reinventing Healthcare.

Compensation Plan
Watch this video to learn about doTERRA’s compensation Plan. Learn about the Fast Start Bonus, The very unique Power of 3 Bonus, The extremely stable unilevel commissions as well as how you can earn money from everyone who purchases from doTERRA even if they are NOT in your downline.

Virtual Office Training
Watch this video to learn how to use your virtual office to change your Loyalty Rewards orders, to see your downline organization and communicate with them, to use your online store, to enroll a new IPC and more.

Reinventing Healthcare – 20/60 version
This is the first introduction to doTERRA & Essential Oils.
This Webinar is great for product users as well as business builders.

Reinventing Healthcare Presentation
This is how to present Reinventing Healthcare.
The Reinventing Healthcare Presentation follows many of the principles that world famous presenter Steve Jobs uses.

The 20/60 Plan Explained by Kirk Hamilton
This Webinar helps leaders better understand the 20/60 plan
It is a great explanation of the 20/60 plan, HOW it works and WHY it works.

Basic Closing Techniques
Follow these simple closing techniques to increase the number of people joining your doTERRA team.

How to Recognize and Place Leaders
If you ever wondered how to recognize a leader or where to place that leader in your organization, watch this Webinar.

How to Build Outside Your Local Area
If you have team members who live outside your local area and you want to help build in their area, this is the Webinar to watch. Also, it is great preparation for Diamond Club.

Duplicate Yourself
Duplication is one of the Key Principles for this profession learn the 3 main areas where you need to duplicate effectively and how specifically to duplicate in those areas.

Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success
These simple disciplines done consistently over time will have a dramatically positive impact on your business.

Realities of Network Marketing

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