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Dr. Winterton – Articles
Aromatherapy as Treatment
Biological Effects of Essential Oils
Biological Properties of Essential Oils
Effects of Farnesol

Dr. Winterton Recorded Calls
Dr. Paul Winterson, Orthopedic Surgeon Leadership Call – May 23, 2012
Dr. Paul Winterton Orthopedic Surgeon, Leadership Call – May 8, 2012

Diamond Club
Building Outside Your Local Area
Diamond Club tracker
Diamond in Training

NEW Elite Builder Worksheet
NEW Premier Builder Worksheet
NEW Silver Builder Worksheet
The Bakers Dozen
Start with Why Part 1
Start with Why Part 2
Wellness Consultation

Natural Health Business
Getting Started
Geting Started Handout
Business Building Made Simple

Natural Health Education
Family Physician Training
Lifelong Vitality
Pain and Inflammation
Skin Care presentation
Women’s Health
Respiratory and Immune System
Respiratory and Immune Ailments Class Handout
Weight Management

Closing the Sale (Basic closing techniques)
Daily Mentor Program (How the daily mentor program works)
Duplication Model Presentation (The key to residual income)
Empower Plan (Explode your business with this plan)
Medicine Cabinet Makeover (Makeover your medicine cabinet for less)
The Fortune is in the Follow Up
Where to Place Leaders (Who is a leader? How do I know? Where do I place them?)
Discovering and Overcoming Concerns
Reinventing Healthcare Presentation Wide

Three Way Call Script R.H.C.

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